Fashion Industry

Textile industries have always been an important player in the world economy. Nowadays they face greater demands from consumers and more pressure from competitors in a scene of ever-changing legislation. Coping with these demands requires effective, understandable and useful advice

How we help

  • Guiding fashion companies through legal issues such as agency and distribution agreements, labelling regulations or retail licensing
  • Assistance when tackling foreign markets
  • Developing and monitoring portfolios of national and international intellectual property
  • Legal assessment of online sales platforms

Tourism is one of the major industries in Southern Europe. At AVCO we have developed an expertise that covers licensing, consumer protection issues, insurance, due diligence, environmental liability, commercial agreements and litigation.

How we help

Some of the largest travel agency groups in Spain have relied on our services for their investments in Portugal: setting up subsidiaries, obtaining the necessary licenses and insurance and adapting their agreements to Portuguese legislation.

We have also advised deals in the hotel business on behalf of owners, developers and investors, right from financing arrangements to construction agreements, from permits and licenses to dispute settlement.

Construction and Public Procurement

Construction is a key industry in any economy with complex legal issues to match. Whether we represent owners, contractors, sub-contractors or suppliers, every step of the way demands extensive knowledge and resourceful skills to best serve our clients’ interests.

Public procurement holds an important position in Southern Europe’s economy as some of the world’s most relevant players hail from Spain, Portugal and Italy. Attention to detail and prompt response are necessary to handle the diversity of national and regional legislation and the subtleties of the proceedings.

How we help

We do:

  • Advised multinationals in due diligence proceedings
  • Incorporated European Economic Interest Groupings to facilitate submission of bids
  • Helped contractors obtain their licenses
  • Guided companies through the legal problems of public tenders
  • Resolved disputes in and out of court

With pressure mounting on industries and Governments for cleaner, more efficient energies, a new field of opportunities opens up for companies and investors. Southern Europe, in particular, is one of the world’s leading regions in renewable energies with top-notch multinationals.

Our clients are mostly private investors that seek advice on regulatory framework, project finance, due diligence and trading. Our corporate and tax practices also offer significant input in order to pull together all aspects of any operation.

How we help

  • Representation in connection with project financing
  • Assisting investors in renewable energy with regulatory and compliance issues
  • Conducting due diligence in energy, health and environmental issues

Franchising can be a very valuable tool when it comes to expanding a business and improving brand recognition. However, any franchising activity in the EU must be executed in accordance with EU and national laws on a wide range of matters. A firm grasp on these issues can help ensure the success of the franchise's development.

How we help

Spain is one of the leading European countries in franchising and also one of the most competitive. Many franchisers turn to us when investing in this country and many Spanish franchisers do the same when going abroad.

Our services in this area include:

Redazione di contratti

  • Contratti di franchising
  • Contratti di master franchise
  • Accordi di riservatezza
  • Licenze di marchio

Franchise registration

Registrazione della proprietà intellettuale e industriale

  • Protezione dei diritti dei nomi di dominio
  • Risoluzione delle controversie sui nomi di dominio
  • Revisione del sito web di e-commerce (B2B e B2C)

Consulenza su

  • Regolamento del franchising
  • Diritto della concorrenza
  • Protezione della proprietà intellettuale e industriale

Risoluzione delle controversie

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics play a vital role in making the world smaller for businesses and individuals. In no small part this is due to investment in infrastructures and developments in technology, which in turn impact regulation. How companies respond to those changes will largely affect their success.

How we help

We represent carriers, freight forwarders and logistics associations on a wide variety of issues:

Road carrier

  • Licensing and permits
  • Security and compliance
  • Drafting contracts
  • Liability
  • Insurance
  • Litigation

Shipping and ports

  • Purchase and sale of ships
  • Registration of ships
  • Charter Parties
  • Security and compliance
  • Drafting contracts
  • Liability
  • Collision and other claims
  • Insurance
  • Salvage
  • Marine pollution
  • Litigation

Wine Industry

Wine making is one of the oldest activities in Southern Europe, nowadays combining a rich cultural heritage with intense business. Viticulturists, wineries, distributors, exporters and retailers have come together to boost a thriving industry with worldwide sales.

However, special attention must be paid to regulation that works on three different levels: European Union, national and regional. The plethora of rules and laws that affect the industry range from subsidies to consumers, also including topics as diverse as replanting rights, competition law, protected designations of origin or taxation.

How we help

We work for several Spanish associations of winemakers who turned to us for solid counselling on subjects such as unfair competition, collective bargaining agreements or disputes with the regulatory board. Individual wineries also rely on our advice when it comes to handling tricky export issues or reaching out to untapped markets.

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